"Da Romolo alla Mole Adriana" is a restaurant located in Borgo Pio, in the heart of the "real Rome" close to St. Peter’s.
Since 1932 the restaurant has remained in the same family, it is now run by Luigi and his brother-in-law.

It all started with Romolo, Luigi’s fathers uncle, but the real success of the restaurant is due to his wife Mary, an exceptional cook. The business then passed to Vittorio and his wife Paola, who have managed it until his retirement and now Mario and Luigi have taken over the family business: <<We will keep the tradition of Roman cuisine we care about deeply, such as oaxtail, tripe, pasta with broccoli and fish, handmade potato gnocchi, pasta and chick peas, cod, following the traditional calendar of the week. We are famous for the carbonara, ‘amatriciana’, ‘cacio e pepe’ and ‘gricia’ which are served every day; and you certainly cannot leave without tasting  Paola’s famous desserts including tiramisu and chocolate cake.

At Romolo’s , there is  a reproduction of a print by Piranesi, painted over half a century ago by an artist in exchange for a plate of pasta. Here you can breath the scent of Old Rome, in an environment that embraces all its authenticity.



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Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome

Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome
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