In the heart of ancient Rome, near Portico D’Ottavia, there is "Giggetto", one of the most beautiful Roman Hosteria, where the taste of good food and and family tradition are preserved.

In 1923, immediately after first world war, Luigi Ceccarelli called "Giggetto" managed to overcome the cunning deception by a stratagem devised by the former jewish owner to sell the hosteria at a higher price,the hosteria was full of the previous owner’s friends but immediately after the sale they left, forcing the victim to sell it at half the price.

After marrying Iines, the love of his life, he devoted himself to the restaurant. Arranged the few broken chairs, left the jewish man, and multiplied the marble tables, the restaurant became famous for good wine "Frascati" and good food that his tender wife, or rather la "Sora Ines", would cook on a stove outside of the restaurant.

La sora Ines and Giggetto did not stop at preparing meals under the stars and selling wine, they took care of the entire restaurant and expanded, managing to bring together the joyful spirit romanesco with the jew, since the hosteria was in the heart of the Ghetto of Rome; managed to avoid the threats of the fascist squads, who didn’t like the spirit that lived in the hosteria.

To Luigi and Ines were followed their son Franco and his wife Lidia, who kept intact the customs and traditions of the restaurant. Over the years they were followed by Claudio, grandson of Luigi and Franco's and Lidia’s son, coming to the third generation. Together they took the burden and certainly honor to keep alive that essence that made Giggetto a typical restaurant, also known abroad for dishes made with simple and tasty recipes of the ancient Roman cuisine, and especially for the jewish artichokes that are the real pride of the Giggetto kitchen.

Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome

Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome
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