For more than 200 years HAUSMANN marks the time of Rome. Founded in 1794, the Company ennoble the art of watchmaking in Rome.

Located in Old Town, HAUSMANN still occupies the elegant rooms where you transfer 'in 1891, where generations of Hausmann and have welcomed their Frielingsdorf select international clientele.

Both the historical site of Via del Corso is redolent of the past, emphasized by the deep and reassuring sound of a clock period, as the shop in Via dei Condotti is projected into the future, a magical place where the physicality of the objects gives way a lightness that relaxes and involves.

The company, which represents brands of watches more 'prestigious, is the owner of a renowned laboratory for technical assistance, and an irreplaceable reference for collectors around the world and responsible for the maintenance of valuable watches and living rooms and apartments of the Holy See.

Official supplier of the Presidency of the Republic, the Vatican City in addition to having long ago achieved the ISO 9002 is a Founding Member of the Italian Consortium for the 'Haute Horlogerie and Founding Member of' Aihh.

Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome

Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome
Cod. Fisc. 97534980582
Via dei Prefetti 46, 00186 - Roma -