In the Craft shop of the LAR Paralumi are produced, since 1938, high quality lamps and lampshades in a tradition passed down through three generations by the family Gualdani.

The first workshop, located in the historical Vicolo Belsiana 44, was opened by our grandfather Giulio in 1961 before being transferred to Via del Leoncino 29 (Rione Campo Marzio).

Here, today, make products entirely at each step of the process, from the ancient parchment sewn lampshades, to pleated, lined through the classic lines of fabric coming in modern design.

Our Lamps (unique pieces and handmade) ceramic, brass, iron, wood and bronze, are the result of collaboration with the Laboratory Craftsmen other proven tradition as us.

The Lampshades, for over 70 years, completely original and unique creations are designed to meet the needs of the customer are satisfied with the work performed by the Third Generation Gualdani, with the original art appreciated by famous interior designers, architects and antiquarians and, in general, by all lovers of "elegance".

The pieces shown in the display cases are a quick trip in the history of lighting design through the fashion and classic.

From 74 years the high quality of our work and the exclusivity of our products has been aprreciated by a large group of important people and some of our products furnish the most important Roman buildings.



Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome

Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome
Cod. Fisc. 97534980582
Via dei Prefetti 46, 00186 - Roma -