Fur Company founded in Rome in 1882.

Last part of family belong to umbrella’s company located in Piedmont Lake Maggiore moved to Rome, Francesco Bertoletti was the founder of the House today, the fourth generation, is conducted by the homonymous grandson. After the war was led by Cav. Cesare, commander of Air Force, co-founder of the Naples Capodichino airport and historian (he wrote in 1967: The resurgence seen from the other side, Beris publisher). The Company, through the crisis of '29, the first and second World War, said the most important and well-known scene in the fur of the last century capitol. In 1957 in Moscow came to new markets, invited along with Emilio Pucci, Roberto Capucci and Antonelli, representing the Italian High Fashion in Russia as the only fashion house of fur. At the end of 60 years, the company passed to his son dr. Alessandro gave the first designers (including Malta and André Laug Silvano), part of the stylistic and creative, resulting in recognition in the 1968 entry into the prestigious National Chamber of Italian Fashion and participating in parades scheduled in Rome in July. Famous photographers, including Johnny Moncada and Bob Krieger mannequins immortalized with historical patterns of exclusive high fashion Bertoletti 70 years. In 1984 Francesco joined the company, learns about the materials participating in the auction world and becoming an expert on the Court of Rome. In 1988 he signed his first collection, which opens the parade of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. In the mid 90's, dropped the fur classic archetypes, is looking for a new concept of fur and fur that changes to society and needs change: moving into new materials and modernizes the style. Francesco leaves the National Chamber of Fashion to focus on the study of a dynamic product that reflects this: the birth of the label "Bertoletti Italian High Fashion 1882" which in 2004 became a registered trademark by which the House certifies the production technology and craftsmanship made in Italy heads of all handmade, one by one and not in series. In 2009 a trade agreement is concluded for the creation of a distributed line with a store in Lebanon in Beirut. In the same year, the OA (Original Assured) places the company among the few manufacturers of fur skins, bred in Italy using the highest quality and certified by the label of origin. Today Bertoletti Italian High Fashion from 1882 remains one of the last true craft actually made in Italy, has always been run by the family that is working to ensure that the brand will soon become a brand through two primary objectives: the internationalization of trade and the visibility name.


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Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome

Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome
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