Ciampini: A historic name in Italian high-end catering services

The Company “Caffè Ciampini”. In 1931 my grandparents GIUSEPPE and FRANCESCA CIAMPINI founded the restaurant “Tre Scalini”, located in one of the Rome's most beautiful areas, Piazza Navona. The square, once a center of the Roman “dolce vita”, is still a favourite with artists, intellectuals, actors and professionals.

The “Gelato Tartufo Ciampini”. Ciampini in Rome is synonymous with the famous “Gelato Tartufo”, invented by my grandfather Giuseppe in 1945 as a tasty evolution of chocolate ice cream. The recipe of the “Tartufo Ciampini”, which inspired many failed imitations, is still a well kept secret and is appreciated by customers all over the world. My father Nando Ciampini inherited this precious stock of recipes, along with the traditional catering service offered by the restaurant “Tre Scalini”. Since 1989 Nando’s son, Marco, has been running with the same care, quality and dedication the family business, which remains traditional and based on the best ingredients available.
“Ciampini” Today. After fifty years of running the restaurant in Piazza Navona, the Ciampini decided to diversify the offer and give Rome a dream: a unique location in the heart of the Eternal City.

They created the “Caffè Ciampini”, nestled in a beautiful green frame between the Spanish Steps and the Pincio. The “Caffè Ciampini” soon became an exclusive meeting point of the capital, thanks to the many cultural events it hosted (readings, presentations, art exhibitions, etc.). Marco Ciampini has created a winning mix by interpreting the ancient wisdom, the flavors and the ingredients of the past, and merging them with modern management methods.

Words like globalization are not part of the vocabulary of “Caffè Ciampini”, whose ingredients – on top of natural products - are respect for the customer, and passion and love for traditions. “Caffè Ciampini” is as an ideal meeting place, a timeless oasis committed to the customer, to his needs and his taste for absolute quality.


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