In 1849 a Piedmontese family arrived in Rome in the wake of French troops under the command of General Oudinot to overthrow the Roman Republic and the new resettlement Pope Pius IX.
Thus began their first form of catering supplying an army of 7000 men with fresh milk every day during the long stay in Rome from France.
150 years ago, Giuseppe and his wife Bernardina from Ciociaria, opened a shop in Piazza del Grillo selling its milk of own production coming from the Roman countryside.
In 1910, the awarded Dairy Shop Giolitti opened, in via della Consolazione, entrusted to his son Giovanni.
The success was such that soon it became a regular meeting point for noble families such as the Orsini, Locatelli, etc..
After the Via della Consolazione location other shops were opened, one per child.
In 1917 the "Testaccio" Shop was inaugurated in Via Amerigo Vespucci, which was given entrusted to his first son Nazzareno and then handed over to the younger brother Angelino.

In 1930, in Via del Vicario, another shop was opened, and entrusted to Nazzareno. This is to become the most famous location of the Giolitti family. Once the shop is established , Nazzareno leaves the management to his three children Alberto, Silvano and Franco.
In1980, Nazzareno Franchises the ‘Giolitti’ brand to spread the brand globally. The first locations are opened in Copenhagen, Seoul and New York and soon other locations are to be opened in Istanbul, Cairo and Dubai.
In 1990, besides the various activities, the new "Giolitti Catering" was inaugurated, which from the beginning is a success thanks to the undisputed quality, reliability and trustworthy name.



Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome

Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome
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