Route 1

From Piazza Trinita dei Monti to Via Vittoria

The starting point of the first route is the Piazza Trinita dei Monti, whose name comes from the church of Trinita dei Monti, located in Campo Marzio, overlooking the famous steps of Piazza di Spagna. The first part of the church was built between 1502 and 1519 in the Gothic style; was consecrated in 1585 by Pope Sixtus V.

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Route 2

From Piazza San Silvestro to Via del Leoncino

San Silvestro Square is a great starting point to explore the area of Campo Marzio.
Before you begin your journey, you must see Bedetti. The shop was opened here by Marcello Bedetti in 1955.

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Route 3

From Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina to via del Vicario

 Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina is the starting point for exploring the area around Montecitorio Palace. The square, triangle shaped, takes its name from the church of San Lorenzo in Lucina, built in the fourth century on the ruins of the residence of Christian matron.

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Route 4

From Piazza Colonna to Piazza dei Caprettari

Piazza Colonna is the start of the path that leads us into the area of the Pantheon. The square's name derives from the presence in the center of the column of Marcus Aurelius. On the square is Palazzo Chigi, seat of the Italian government, which was built in the '500 by Pietro Aldobrandini. To the left of this, on the west side is Palazzo Wedekind, the historic seat of the newspaper Il Tempo, whse entrance shows columns originating in the ancient Etruscan city of Veii.

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Route 5

From Piazza Risorgimento to Piazza Augusto Imperatore

Piazza del Risorgimento is the starting point for visiting Borgo Pio, just a step from the Vatican. Here, more than anywhere else, the impressive Rome of Christianity is on display. In addition to St. Peter's Basilica, there are the Vatican Museums, one of the largest and richest collection of works of art in the world.

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Route 6

From Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is one of Rome's most important ones. Easy to reach, it makes a great base for exploring the Esquilino area. Also known as Saint Mary of the Snow, or as the Liberian Basilica r Santa Maria ad praesepium (due to the fact that it preserves those who are worshiped as the boards of the manger in which Jesus was laid on Christmas Eve) is one of the four papal basilicas of Rome.

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Route 7

From Piazza Navona to the Portico d'Ottavia

In Piazza Navona begins the path that leads us to Campo de 'Fiori and the Jewish Quarter.
In ancient Rome, this was the Stadium of Domitian, or race track, which was built by the emperor in 85. It was decorated with statues, one of which is that of Pasquino, now in the square next to Piazza Navona and became, because of people behaviour , one of the "talking statues" of Rome, through which the people gave voice to jokes and protests.

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