Personal Shopper

The Association of Historical Stores of Excellence of Rome offers tourists visiting the capital a unique and exclusive experience.

Tourists can request the service of a personal shopper in their native language who will accompany them for 2-3 hours along the most characteristic streets of Rome, showing them typical places and assisting their acquisitions in the Historical Stores of Excellence. The stores embody Rome's commercial history and family traditions, as well as the professionalism and craftsmanship of the Made in Italy brand, or rather, the Made in Rome brand.

Tourists will be able to choose either the historical stores of their interest or one of the itineraries prepared by the association, which will take them to a variety of stores, all offering typical and quality products. By visiting these unique shops, tourists will learn about their individual histories, as well as their role in the evolution of Rome.

To request a personal shopper, please email the association and specify your needs, or choose an itinerary:

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The service's cost will be determined by the qualified personal shopper, who at the end of the visit will leave a receipt. The service should be reserved at least 1 week prior to arrival in Rome.

The Association will not receive any monetary compensation, since its only objective is to provide the tourist with a professional service and with a memorable experience.

The Association welcomes you to Rome!!!

Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome

Association of the Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome
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